ROA’s curiosity cabinets

With his interpretation of the curiosity cabinet, Belgian street artist ROA wants to start a dialogue about human interaction with nature and the environment: the manipulatable and interactive works enact the people’s exploring curiosity and the particular object itself refers to the urge to knowledge of the modern man, who’s inevitably a scientist.

His installation reproduces a larger cabinet of the scientist-doctor as an overall experimental lab on animal speciesany: many of the pieces have props such as little skulls, veterinary tools,etc..the boxes can slide open and flip over, showing new sections of the animal, as a hiding mirror image.



Installation at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol for the exhibition “Unnatural Natural History, 23 September 2012.


Bristol Head Cabinet, 2013, enamel on mixed media.


Cabinet N.4- Bird Parts, 2013, mixed media on found objects.


Puerto Rico Iguana, 2013, enamel on mixed media.


Pescara Skulls, 2013, anamel on mixed media.


Cabinet d’oiseaux, 2013, enamel on mixed media.