Expanded order

In Damián Ortega’s work, objects are never allowed to rest—they are pulled apart, suspended, or rearranged, calling attention to the dynamism of the world around us and the hidden poetry in the everyday.

He creates sculptures, installations, videos and actions inspired by a wide range of mundane objects all subjected to what has been described as Ortega’s characteristically “mischievous process of transformation and dysfunction”. In other words, he disassembles the object and then re-composes it piece by piece, suspended from wire in mid-air, in the manner of a mechanic’s instruction manual. The result is both a diagram and a fragmented object that offered a new way of seeing everyday items,  far away from their context and therefore released from their cultural implications.



Cosmic Thing, 2002. Disassembled 1898 Volkswagen Beetle. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.




Controller of the Universe, 2002. Found tools and wire.


The Indipendent, 2010. Barbican Art Gallery.