Tony Cragg


British-born sculptor Tony Cragg uses color families and a carefully curated collection of flotsam and jetsam in his large-scale installations.


New Stones – Newtone’s Tones, 1978, plastic.


Spectrum, 1985, plastic.


Yellow Axe, 1981, 63 found yellow plastic objects.


Choose Your Colors Carefully, 1981, plastic.

Stack 1975 by Tony Cragg born 1949

Stack, 1975, wood, concrete, brick, metal, plastic, textile, cardboard and paper.


Mittelschicht, 1984, wood.

Axehead 1982 by Tony Cragg born 1949

Axehead, 1982, wood, metal and plastic.

Cumulus 1998 by Tony Cragg born 1949

Cumulus, 1988, glass.


Clear Glass Stack, 1999, glass.

“I use everything but, preferably, after it has been used by man… what interests me is the special critical appraisal that we apply to manmade objects and man’s activities.It’s a real problem; the world is full of manmade objects. It’s about time we stopped producing and started clarifying and reevaluating the objects we have put into the world. The situation now has a political dimension. It no longer has anything to do with political structures but is related to the very nature of this critical search”.

Tony Cragg interviewed by Demosthenes Davvetas, 1985.

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