The hilarious way of Fluxus artists in the 60’s to give people their personal form of redemption from both the conventional aesthetics and the commercial art world, blurring the boundaries between art and life, packaging their art as a kind of survival kit.

Image on top: Burglary Fluxkit, 1971.George Maciunas.Seven-compartment clear plastic box with black-and-white printed label featuring a drawing of several hardware tools and the words “BURGLARY FLUXKIT BY GEORGE MACIUNAS”; contains seven keys, including a roller-skate key.


Fluxkit, 1964/65. Fluxus edition, assembled by George Maciunas (American, 1931-1978). Mixed media (vinyl attaché case), printed matter. 


Flux Year Box 2, 1967. Eric Andersen, George Brecht, John Cale, John Cavanaugh, Willem de Ridder, Albert Fine, Ken Friedman, Fred Lieberman, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, James Riddle, Paul Sharits, Bob Sheff, Stanley Vanderbeek, Ben Vautier, Robert Watts. Mixed Media, Multiples, Other.

A signature Fluxus production, is a boxed anthology of works by 17 artists that was edited and assembled by Fluxus “chairman” George Maciunas. The second in a planned annual series, this piece was conceived as a “game box” that would hold small objects, flip books, cards, and films, including a handheld viewer for looking at the 8mm film loops. Fluxus artists valued a do-it-yourself aesthetic, using whatever materials were on hand and choosing simplicity over complexity. Like all Fluxus editions, the contents of each box vary depending on what Maciunas had available at the time.


Valoche, 1959-1975 A Feed Travel Aid, 1970. Wooden box containing various objects. Label of George Maciunas.


The Case ,1959. George Brecht. Case with objects.


Gift Box for Jerold Ordover: Spell Your Name with These Objects, ca. 1970. George Maciunas. Assorted objects in leatherette and velvet-lined box.


Gift Box for John Cage: Spell Your Name with These Objects, 1972.  George Maciunas.Leather- covered, red velvet-lined box containing fifteen objects (acorn, egg, glass stopper, plastic boxes of seeds, etc.).

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Spell your Name with these Objects. Jasminka Ban, 1977. George Maciunas.