HOARDING OFFENDERS: My memories will never die.


The last project of the photography duet Barone|Conte was stimulated by the observation of socio-behavioral phenomenon of compulsive hoarding (disposophobia) in constant and gradual relief from the 40′s.

The approach of the two authors tends to aesthetic sublimation through the creation of “frames”, using the window as a constant and interface of the world stolen, accumulated by unexpected hoarders.The images make up a single project that has a strong identity as a whole, but that declines in individual representations the tale of an imaginary world / imagined that maintains a strong attachment to reality. It is pretty evident in the context the critique of a consumerism that in the course of its development generates monsters, victims of their own welfare and possession of “things” in numbers as large as to have completely filled the living space of people who we imagine completely submerged inside their homes. The windows therefore lose their original function and acquire a new one: they are a curtain, a gash through which we can observe the man possessed by its objects; but the project also lends itself to a more individualistic in its relation with the concept of identity and memory of the man himself. Indeed, the theme of memory is not marginal at all when connected to its opposite, oblivion. What does it mean to remember? It means to select pieces, moments, moments of our lives.

[Source: http://www.ilsegnodeltempo.com/]