Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik is a major contemporary artist and a seminal figure in video art. His video sculptures, installations, performances and tapes encompass one of the most influential and significant bodies of work… Continua a leggere

100 Boots by Eleanor Antin

A selection from the series 100 Boots, the epic visual narrative, in 51 photos, invented by Eleanor Antin. This is the story of 100 identical black boots that find themselves on a wily… Continua a leggere

Sara Cwynar’s Color Studies

Brooklyn-based Canadian Sara Cwynar‘s photographs are informed by her collecting habits and propelled by her love of documentation. For the Colour Studies series (2012), Cwynar has accumulated a mass of objects and honours her… Continua a leggere

Barry McGee

Dense displays of ex-votos (offerings) at a Catholic church in São Cristóvão, seen during a travel to Brazil for an eight-month residency in 1993, have inspired the graffiti artist Barry McGee. Starting with… Continua a leggere

Real Life Tetris

Swedish artist Michael Johansson has created a series of artworks fabricated through arranging people’s unwanted items into an organized, tetris-like format, considering their color and form. Inspired by real life coincidences, such as two… Continua a leggere

A Colorful Winter by Florent Tanet

The poetic way of Florent Tanet to look at fruit & vegetables. La grande Epicerie de Paris – Le Bon Marché Exposition – jan / mar 2013 Un Hiver en Couleur – A Colorful… Continua a leggere

Rachel Whiteread’s Vitrine Objects

During the the first retrospective of drawings by British artist Rachel Whiteread, at Hammer Museum of Los Angeles,  among the special features of the installation, there was a vitrine of objects selected by… Continua a leggere

The “Everyday” Museum of Ettore Guatelli

The museum tells the story of the last fifty years of Italy, divided between the desire of forgetting its own past and going in search of its historical identity. Since when he was… Continua a leggere

Things come apart by Todd McLellan

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan has an extraordinary way to approach everyday reality, and with his series Things come apart he wants to show us the world through his bizzarre perspective. He’s able to catch the… Continua a leggere

Stored Memory – Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski discovered the most important elements of his art by reconstructing his childhood with the aid of records and consistently carrying on the concept of the examination of past and non-permanence on… Continua a leggere