Enclosed Content Chatting Away In The Colour Invisibility

Anouk Kruithof likes to invent new things out of fragments of the past. Her passion for books and their inevitable disappearance have moved her to think about this poetical act: a spatial installation, a… Continua a leggere

À la plage, À la piscine

Gray Malin’s visual celebration of summer colors, light and shapes, who captured the summer bliss by his own tool: the photograph. Shooting from doorless helicopters, the serie À la plage, À la piscine has… Continua a leggere

Kitchen Portraits Amsterdam

Let’s see the voyeuristic attitude of the photographer Erik Klein Wolterink who has focused his last project,on commission by the City Archives and the The Amsterdam Fund, on the innards of the kitchens.… Continua a leggere

HOARDING OFFENDERS: My memories will never die.

The last project of the photography duet Barone|Conte was stimulated by the observation of socio-behavioral phenomenon of compulsive hoarding (disposophobia) in constant and gradual relief from the 40′s. The approach of the two authors… Continua a leggere

Breton’s collection

Centre Pompidou hosts in its permanent collection the Breton’s collection. Consisting of many kinds of objects, it has at first glance a hallucinating effect, alternating different colours and materials. Displaying paintings, ethnographic and… Continua a leggere

Less is still less: Carl Andre

Carl Andre is one of the only Minimalists to accept the term, the materials he works with—four-by-four timbers, bricks, one-foot-square metal plates, cut or natural stones, and other available hardware—are ordered from suppliers… Continua a leggere


  The hilarious way of Fluxus artists in the 60’s to give people their personal form of redemption from both the conventional aesthetics and the commercial art world, blurring the boundaries between art… Continua a leggere

Order in the digital Age: the new idea of art by Giuseppe Randazzo.

Giuseppe Randazzo is a designer from Turin(Italy) whose well assorted interests on new-media art, science and tech led him to his avant-garde project: novastructura. The meaning and the reason of novastructura may be seen… Continua a leggere

Jean Shin’s recycled art

Jean Shin creates sculptures from castaway objects of everyday life such as old lottery tickets and prescription bottles. Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/QA-Jean-Shin.html#ixzz2VkdUoTya Chemical Balance, 2005. Prescription bottles, mirror and epoxy 7 units, from 18 to… Continua a leggere

Walter De Maria’s urban works

The early Walter De Maria’s sculptures from the 1960s were influenced by the newyorker art scene, which was characterized by modern art movements as Dada. This influence led De Maria into using simple… Continua a leggere