“Le Musée imaginaire” by André Malraux

“André Malraux chez lui” (©Maurice Jarnoux). Over the last forty years of his life, Malraux would assemble, disassemble, and reassemble montages of photographic reproductions to create Le Musée imaginaire, which ranks as one the… Continua a leggere

Alfredo and Maria Isabel Aquilizan

Collaboration and collection, community and family, re-location and temporary homes, memory and identity are all processes and things that feature in the work of husband and wife team, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan. First, the… Continua a leggere

encyclopaedic movie by Jan Švankmajer

The Czech surrealist film-director Jan Švankmajer realized in 1967 his sixth short film “Historia Naturae, Suita“, in which he gave life to some objects of  Rudolf II’s private collection, the Holy Roman Emperor from… Continua a leggere

The neat reliquaries of Maïssa Toulet

Tombeau du père, 2010 Born in 1974 in Paris, Maïssa Toulet does surprising assemblages with objects from the past concerning  the personal background of the people who surround her. The narrative approach, which… Continua a leggere

ROA’s curiosity cabinets

With his interpretation of the curiosity cabinet, Belgian street artist ROA wants to start a dialogue about human interaction with nature and the environment: the manipulatable and interactive works enact the people’s exploring… Continua a leggere


The American artist Noah Scalin created this skull using 375 real brain slices encased in acrylic, owned by Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum . Over the course of two days, he arranged the slices on two… Continua a leggere


Gabriel Orozco’s Asterisms, is a two-part sculptural and photographic installation comprising thousands of items of detritus the artist has gathered at two sites—a playing field near his home in New York and a protected… Continua a leggere

Waste not

As a kind of grave goods, Song Dong arranged his mother’s collection of everyday life objects, gathered by his family over more than five decades, around a traditional chinese hut, trying to organize… Continua a leggere

Marjan Teeuwen

The strange phenomenon of hoarding inspired the work of the dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen. An example is the project entitled Destroyed House: she removed the walls from a post-war apartment block in Amsterdam and sawed… Continua a leggere

Morbid Anatomy Library

Joanna Ebenstein founded a research library and private museum in Brooklyn, New York, in 2007, with the intent of reconnecting people with death, ‘cause she thought we had lost the ancient connection, hiding… Continua a leggere